Diamond Cuts

A diamond cut refers to the style or design given to a diamond while shaping it through polish like the brilliant cut. The polish means to give symmetry and proportioning shape to a diamond. When the cut of a diamond is greatly done then it will raise up its brilliance. But the poorly cut diamond will have less luminosity.

Types of diamond cuts

There are different diamond cut types due to which these diamonds vary in their brilliance as possessed with good shape.

Asscher diamond cut

This diamond has some similarities with the square emerald cut. It contains larger facets and smaller table. Because of this combination, it produces more brilliance than the emerald cut. The asscher diamond cut has slight rectangular shape as well. Make sure that the buyers often prefer the warm color of a G-H diamond rather than the cool colorless of a D-F diamonds.

Cushion diamond cut

Cushion diamond cut is generally like a square cut diamond containing rounded corners. Therefore, it seems like a cushion shaped. This cut is known to be the most popular cuts and it is one of the older diamond cuts. The brilliance of cushion cut diamond is basically less than the round brilliant diamonds. The modern cushion consists of one of three basic pavilion facet shapes.

Emerald cut diamond

The color of emerald cut diamond is subjective to assess. Similarly the diamond clarity in emerald cut is also subjective. The experienced team of GIA offers an excellent help with the clarity grades of these diamonds because each customer will ask for the unique average of clarity grade.

Heart diamond cut

The heart shaped diamonds less than 50 carats are not a good choice. It is difficult to identify the heart shape cut in a smaller diamond. The buyers will probably concentrate on the slightly warm colors of G-H diamond.

Marquise diamond cut

Marquise is a shape which has similarity with bow-tie. The effect of bow-tie cannot be discovered by reviewing the diamond certificate; it can be only visible upon visual examination. The most important thing which should be noted first is symmetry in marquise diamond cut. Marquise diamond always set with prongs as to prevent the two points.

Princess diamond cut

Princess diamond cut leads with the lower-price-per-carat than round cut diamonds. The princess cut diamond has the four sided pyramid shape which is similar to one half of the octahedron rough stone. From this stone, a princess diamond is cut. This diamond is always set with v-shaped prongs that protect the four corners.

How the diamond is cut?

The GIA uses special techniques of cutting diamonds in different and beautiful shapes. The diamond cutters have the experienced of cutting diamonds over the years so they have settled up in this field. Before the diamond gets into the jewelry store, it is cut. The four kinds of techniques are used to cut diamonds:

  • Cleaving – a rough diamond is cut down to manage a size
  • Sawing – diamonds have to be cut where there is no plane of weakness
  • Bruiting/cutting – gives a shape to diamond
  • Polishing – creates a finishing look

To get information about diamond shapes and cuts visit: http://www.aginewyork.com/diamond-cuts-and-shapes-education.php


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